Safety Eyewear Program

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RLab’s Safety Program

We provide a safety Vision Protection Plan so that you can choose the right OSHA-approved frame and lens packages for your safety patients. We will help you design a plan that is right for your company and its unique needs. We do all the work, and you receive the benefits!

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  • We will pre-package your Vision Protection Plan for you to present to your safety patients and their employers.

  • We provide support materials so that you can continue to focus on your patient care.

  • Brand name safety frames that you know and trust that include affordable options, plus deluxe upgrades that many patients want!

  • Choose between brand name lenses, or offer quality & value with our advanced RO line of products!

  • All safety glasses are independently test, inspected and rated with the highest safety quality score.

Contact Us or Your Local Sales Representative today to learn more about our Vision Protection Plans!